The book of the history of Ilam, written by Matthew Wolfgang Stolper, and translated by Dr. Abdul Majid ‘Arfa’i by Shahram Jalilian, has been published in Tehran on its 162 pages.

“The land of Ilam in the southwestern part of Iran was the origin of one of the oldest civilizations in ancient Iran. Although modern knowledge about the history and civilization of Ilam is not much, and still large parts of the ancient history of Ilam are dark and unknown, the research shows that the Elamites have been the creator of a flourishing civilization in ancient history, and at least the Achaemenids of many rituals, organizations and traditions Political and cultural ones from the Elamites. ”

In the book of the history of Ilam after the introduction of the translator and doctor Abdul Majid Arfa’i and a selection of books and articles by the author of Stolper and Kate-Hahneshtah, the table of contents is as follows:

Preface / Proto – Elamite / Numerical Tablets / Proto-Elamite administrative plates A / Proto-Elamite B / Original inscriptions: Akkad Kohn and Evan / Uri III and Semushki / Suckl Mah / Ilam / Ilam / Falam Sokhan; Kingdoms / tables / bibliography / profile

A large number of the most important texts about Ilam belong to the ancient kingdoms of the Middle Rhonda in the neighborhood of Ilam. These texts link Ilam to a more well-known historical complex, the history of interludes.

Matthew Wolfgang Stopler, a major American scholar and professor at the Eastern Institute of the University of Chicago, has written several valuable books on Achaemenid history, the political and social history of Babylon during the Achaemenid period, the history of Ilam and language, and Elamite inscriptions, as well as the administrative texts of Arama and Elamite. Comes from the Achaemenid period in Persepolis.