“The principles of truth are seven; he who knows these, with understanding, possesses the magic key before whose touch all the doors of the temple will be opened wide. ” The Kybalion.

Life, the universe, has an order, laws that are known or not, will always be present, they will always be in perfect working order. These laws are “The 7 universal principles. When we act on their behalf, life goes well, and we say that we are happy, when we act against them we have the feeling of unhappiness, and anguish, that does not allow us to move forward, and that is when we feel that our life is stagnant. To go for these laws you have to know them, and this knowledge is what will make us free, we will no longer feel like victims of our destiny, we will be the creators of our life, we will take the helm of our life.

Before starting any profession people have to train us, but instead to develop our most important job is to LIVE, we receive no instructions, we develop for life, without even knowing what laws govern our physical world, and it is for this reason why some lives take place in health, beauty, opulence, harmony … And others are developed in disgrace, disharmony, misfortune … That is why in Metaphysics it is said that we suffer for lack of knowledge, for lack of consciousness, through ignorance that by going against these principles we are created situations that in society we will call “problems”.

These principles were revealed back in the year 2000 BC, by Hermes also known as “The Messenger of the Gods” and receives the names of “Mercury”, “Toth”, and “Trismegisto”, which means “Three Times Great”. In many studies to these laws, they are called “Hermetic Laws” but this is a mistake because they are not created by him, what Hermes Did was to observe and write them. This set of teachings were grouped by a group of people calling themselves “Three Initiates” in a book called “The Kybalion” The concept “Hermetic” has the meaning of “secretly kept to humanity”, and this has been, this knowledge It has been hidden, but in this new Era Master Saint Germain teaches us to say: “There is nothing hidden that is not revealed to me”, that is why this knowledge comes to us, because we are in the Age of learning knowledge towards wisdom, which will lead us towards happiness.

The laws of life are Seven and act as a whole, in one unit. The important thing of this teaching is that you assimilate the functioning of these 7 principles, and put them into practice in your daily life, check them for you, and you will show that life is relieved enormously as if by magic, and when you have checked you will realize that you are happy, because these principles act inexorably, you know them or not, no matter who you are, where you live, what social position you occupy … All that does not matter … Going against them will cause us “problems” and therefore unhappiness. It is like the law of gravity, it does not matter if you know how it works or not, it will always be in perfect performance, because exactly the same happens with these principles.

These “7 Universal Principles” are:

1st MENTALISM: “Everything is mind”. Mental power is known to all people. This law says that “What you think manifests.” All people work with unlimited power, but this power is NOT known in society. It is not known that all people have free will, and this is not doing what we want, free will is the possibility of thinking positive or thinking negatively, in every situation, in every moment of our lives. And this thought is what is going to create our life, but it is not solitary thinking, we do not think we are in Asia and we are already in Asia, but it is the union of thought and feeling that creates our life. And in most cases in humanity, you feel that life is bad, that there is no work, that there is no money, that we have bad luck, when none of that is true, luck does not exist, there is only our way to think positively or negatively, life is only working perfectly, it is giving us what we have in our mind, if you think and feel that everything goes wrong, I am sorry to tell you that this is what you will have in your life. So if you want to change your life you have to RENEW your mind, but this is not new, it has always been known: “You are transformed by the renewal of your mind” (Romans 12; 2), hence quantum physics affirms that ” everything is created from a previous thought “.

2nd CAUSE AND EFFECT: “Every Cause has its effect, every effect has its cause”. There is no effect without cause, just as there is no stimulus without an answer. This principle is studied together with the principle of mentalism, since the effect of being unhappy has its cause in thinking and feeling negatively. This principle also says that whatever we do to others, whether good or bad, will be returned to us, it is the boomerang effect.

3rd CORRESPONDENCE: “As it is above it is below”. Seeing as it is the state of our exterior, of our physical world, this is the state of our inner world and vice versa. Seeing the composition of an atom the composition of the solar system is deduced, exactly the same happens with our life, if our life is a disorder, our interior will be a disorder. When our inner world calms down, our physical world will be relieved, and not the other way around.

4th VIBRATION “Everything vibrates.” If we see the universe through the eyes of a microscope we will realize that it is composed of millions of atoms, which in turn are composed of millions of particles that are in continuous movement. Everything is vibrating, everything is evolving but we do not see it, it is like hair or nails, we do not see it grow, but it is in continuous movement. Everything in life has a vibration, positive or negative, that will generate CAUSES and positive or negative EFFECTS. This principle is related to the scientific premise “The similar to the like”.

5th POLARITY: “Everything has two poles”. North South. Cold hot. High Low. Positive negative. Everything in the universe has two poles, if we are in the positive pole it will be fine, if we are in the pole it will go badly, because we have generated negative CAUSES.

6th RHYTHM: “Everything has its rhythm”. After winter always comes summer, after night always comes morning, and so with everything. You have to do things with rhythm, that’s why there are people who want to change their lives, from today to tomorrow, and they do not get it, they have done it without rhythm.

7th GENERATION: “Everything is generated”. Everything in the universe is created. Just as a baby is generated from the union of man-woman, so we generate our life. If in our surroundings we are continuously generating evil, discord, criticism, etc., and we are continuously generating negative causes, we can not generate positivity in our life, and that is why we believe that everything goes wrong.

With this knowledge we have the possibility of being, having or doing what we want in our life, for that we have our free will.